Thursday, 18 November 2010

Wedded Bliss

He didn’t think I would turn up.  That was obvious as when I arrived he was so pleased to see me.  We had ten minutes until the cab was due and I needed to change.  I ran upstairs and he shouted after me “HURRY UP” a familiar scenario in many households…

I dressed in my finest, snagging my brand new stockings on the way downstairs.  I thought we might do it then and there on the stairs…right there a little mouse….no, thats another song!

We took the pew at the very back of the church, giggling like school children forced to attend the end of term service.  I began every sentence with “ooh we never had that at my wedding” or “ooh will you have that at yours?” until we had to stop.  We had a singing competition to “Sing Hosanna” and I definitely won.  

We sat at long tables eating, talking, laughing and then, when the dancefloor was less crowded we danced.  At one point, we were the Nolan sisters (all of them).   The bride and groom said “you must come round one friday night, we’ll get chinese.  We haven’t had the chance to get to know you yet.”   I agreed, smiled, nodded lots and so did Sir.

We stood in the porch later, waiting for the cab to take us back to his.  The groom and other mates ribbed him “where’d you pull her then eh?” We smiled, said nothing.

We didn’t make it to the top of the stairs before my dress was over my head and he and I spent hours lost in eachother..we slept a short while and then again…

Last sunday morning I got black coffee and a bourban biscuit.  This week it was toast… we  are trying but we are not very good at this Fuckbuddy business.

I don’t know about the bride and groom but hey, I enjoyed MY day.

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