Thursday, 18 November 2010

Small Creatures

Charlie’s bottom is fine.  Charlie’s leg is….probably broken. Charlie fell from the top of the fridge freezer to the floor and when we found him he just sat in my hand.  When he tried to move he just cried..and so did Small Child.
This was a week ago.  Twenty five more quid at the vets, a pain killing injection later and said leg seems (as the vet said it might) to be healing itself.  The antibiotics are still going down twice a day and he has gone from sleeping in a ball to hauling himself heroically up the tube to his sleeping quarters.  In fact, he hauled up the whole contents of his bed and rearranged it there yesterday despite my insisting he sleep downstairs to rest the leg.
I had thought as I cradled crying hamster in my palm a week ago that this had to be the end of Charlie, but no, he is as invincible as that other Charlie, Charlie Bronson and yes he most certainly has a death wish.
The swagger is now a stagger but hey….comes to us all in The End.

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