Thursday, 18 November 2010


What magick?
What dark art?
Which conjurors trick?
Brought me to you?

Which card picked out?
Among the fifty-two
What sleight of hand?
Set me before you?

What will come from
Such a meeting chanced?
The odds against it
Even from the out

Which hat to wear?
Which face present?
Which veil draw
Around the secret, sacred me?

What to reveal? Decide
What to conceal? Hide
Some facet of this complex self
Intruded on. Denied?

Which of the fragments
Of the history that made a me,
Which of these will be
Told, this time to you?

What will you do then
When I am before you
Laid bare
What will you see?

Which is the better view
Clear sky or
The clouds of me
That close in but pass eventually?

What will come of this?
This us begun will end
And me, undone a little more
Than went before

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