Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Definition of a Not So Good Parent...

So,  Small Child and me are cuddled up in her especially narrow single bed (I said it was a small house).   It is bedtime and we are having our nightly “love-in” before she settles to sleep.  The subject, initiated by her of course, turns to sex. 
“So mum, is sex nice then?”
“Yep, but only for big people, not for children” says I.
 ”I would like to do it with a boy”.
 ”You are not to do that, not until you are big.  Children do not do that together.   It is not for children”
“ok” she says.
 ”Sex is for big people when they love eachother” says I, and a rather delicious memory of a man I didn’ t know, an unfamiliar  garden wall and a quite wonderful episode flits across my vision.  Oh the hypocrisy! 
“And”, says I, warming up now, “if ever a big person  makes you feel uncomfortable or silly then you say, loudly “I don’t like that” and you come and tell me, ok?” 
“Ok mum”.
She snuggled down into the duvet, warm and solid in my arms.  A few moments later she said quietly  

“but mum, what if it is you?”

Moi?  Make Small Child feel uncomfortable or silly?  

Isn't that my job?

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